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At Home

Thinking about it, I haven't had a desk since... oh... 2003 or so? Whenever I built my old EQ gaming computer (which was just retired today due to so little memory it took so long to do anything) it was too big to sit in the computer desk we had and the LCD monitor wouldn't fit either.

Yes, the LCD monitor was on a mini-fridge next to the desk. The computer was next to the mini-fridge. And I stretched length-wise on a couch with the keyboard on my lap. Zilla would sometimes join me on the couch but usually he just hung out on the floor or in the bedroom.

With the move to the house in 2007 I had the gaming PC on the floor with the monitor on top of it. I sat in an old armchair that was once my grandmother's. Sammy would curl up behind me so I had no room to sit. Or he would curl up under the chair. My mouse was on my leg or set on a box next to the chair. The box was my makeshift end table. So attractive and functional, right?

Once more I have a desk. After getting it all setup and the new PC initially placed (I still have to figure out where I want everything) my husband checked in on me and said I looked right at home. I have a view of trees and part of the street out a front window and a cool breeze is wafting in.
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