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I'm a happy girl for a while. Earlier in the week we watched the rest of Buffy and Angel (seasons six and three).

Overall, the two series ended interestingly. For instance, both had the themes of love and vengeance. But I guess that's not really new, is it?

I was so happy when Tara came back and finally got added to the opening credits. It fooled me into thinking she was going to be around for a while. I sure got fooled on that point. When the series ended with Spike getting his soul back I just laughed and laughed. My husband asked what was so funny. "It's so typical that he'd get what he asked for, but not in the way he thought or even hoped." I mean, how many times can someone ask to be the way they used to be? He only meant as the vampire that he used to be, not a man with a conscious.

Seeing a dark Wesley is interesting. He's certainly changed from the nervous, unconfident "rogue demon killer" that found Angel in Los Angeles. Cordelia was one of my favorite characters. On the one hand, I'm so happy that she has been chosen to make the next step. On the other hand, I wish she and Angel were able to find some happiness together instead of apart. Conner has been completely manipulated by Holtz but he's just too close to see any of it. Surely Angel will find some way to get out of the bottom of the lake. How? I don't know. But I want to find out!

At one library, I'm number 69 on the waiting list for season seven of Buffy. At another I'm number 1. Angel season four is available at both places.

Friday I went to see the doctor and he gave me good news. I was worried I had pneumonia. I have my first ever sinus infection. The antibiotic he gave me is huge. It's as big as my thumb knuckle. (You have your choice of either end of the thumb.) I have to take it twice a day.

I've seen Project Grizzly, The Herd, Harvard Man, and Cruel Intentions between Friday and today. Take my advice; don't see Harvard Man. My husband is having dinner tonight with Peter Lynch, the director of Project Grizzly and The Herd, and I've been invited along. I know the food will be good, but I'm not sure how I'll feel and whether or not I'll be good company. I accidently woke my husband up from a nap this afternoon from a coughing fit I had.

This afternoon I went looking for a friend on IM to find out the results of his MRI from last Saturday. He wasn't around, though.

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