dogzilla30 (dogzilla30) wrote,

Prepared Meals

My paleo lifestyle has gone by the wayside. Mostly when my husband cooks. Fortunately I didn't go paleo for celiacs or another health issue so I can eat whatever he makes.

The important thing is he's cooking so it has to be something he wants to learn. Gnocci (with jarred sauce), chicken tikki masala, scrambled eggs (our usual Sunday breakfast now), hard boiled eggs, broccoli rabe pizza (with egg on top), caprese salad, lemon asparagus risotto have been on the menus so far. He's still a little slow but that's to be expected. He's not sure where things are in the kitchen, he's not reading the recipe all the way through and not knowing shortcuts. Even with the hiccups (like not removing all the woody stems from the asparagus or making pizza dough from scratch at 7pm when it's supposed to rise 2 hours) the food has been delicious.

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