dogzilla30 (dogzilla30) wrote,

Sweetest Day and Today

Saturday was Sweetest Day. My husband and I went to Cuco's, our favorite Mexican restaurant, then to an art exhibit opening. One co-worker had his installation go up. Another co-worker and her husband have the art gallery space. I haven't seen most of the people there for a year or more so I felt a little uncomfortable. We then saw Enough Said which was oh so good. It was said to see James Gandolfini again but also good. His character is a sweet man. And that's a good way to remember him.

This morning I rolled my ankle. I stepped on the edge of the doormat when I took Sammy for his morning walk. After the walk I got his food dish and set it on the stove. He gave me a look that could be translated as "What are you doing, Crazy Lady? My food is in the cabinet over here."

He had the same thoughtful-trying-to-figure-it-out look Saturday. I went upstairs to take a nap. He stayed downstairs with my husband. I closed the bedroom door and put the baby gate up so it would stay closed. Before long, Sammy came upstairs and pushed at the door. It gave a little bit but stayed shut. After a few minutes I opened the door for Sammy. He was just standing there waiting for it to open.

I had the baby gate next to the bed and he laid down next to it. I realized I was blocking Sammy from getting to under his spot on my side of the bed so I got up and political the baby gate behind the door. He stood up, stuck his nose behind the door and stared at the baby gate for a while. Those brain wheels were turning! After a few minutes he went under the bed. I wonder what he was figuring out.

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