dogzilla30 (dogzilla30) wrote,

NaNoWriMo Update and Other Stuff

I wrote 11912 words during November for NaNoWriMo. I should've had a plan or something. That, and attending the weekly write-ins would've kept me more on track.

Saw Hunger Games: Catching Fire and while the adaptation of the book was pretty accurate the movie was okay. It was my least favorite book of the trilogy.

Just read The Hallowed Ones and Vampire Academy which were entertaining.

The house is getting cleaned tomorow so I have an evening of cleaning off the dining room table and living room chair to look forward to.

Went to a local yarn store last night trying to figure out an OSU scarf to make for my in-law's Chinese student. They offered to be a host family to get him setup as a freshman at the university. They are on friendly terms with him and he'll at their house for Christmas. He's 19 and seems very nice. He has a view of the football field and enjoys watching the home games even if he can't hear what is going on. So I thought I'd make him a scarf in school colors. The LYS had a big display of scarlet and grey skeins but in the back I found a sample scarf I liked. They gave me the pattern with the yarn I bought. Yay!
Tags: books, knitting, movies, nanowrimo, reading, writing

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