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Friday I went to work and afterwards went to a presentation of The Films of Mitchell and Kenyon which was fun. My mother would have really gotten a kick out of it. The BBC did a short screening of their films but it was about an hour long. The presentation I saw was an hour and a half. My husband's boss bought a cartoon on eBay called A Unicorn in the Garden and we screened it to see what kind of condition it was in. Overall, not bad. It has a few lines on it, but it's over 20 years old and still playable.

It seems I may be allergic to the antibiotic or the over the counter stuff the doctor prescribed for me. I have a rash with itching on my legs. I checked WebMD and it's hives. I have to go to work on Monday but will also have to make an appointment to see the doctor again.

Today is my mother's Easter celebration and I'm going to miss it. She's going to think I missed it on purpose because my aunt and two cousins will be there. I've not seen them in about 20 years. I always have liked them and they were the cousins I liked best so it's not that at all. Sometimes my mother is just too self-centered.

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