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Friday the 13th

I had quite the day of TLC from my parents. They came by around 12:30pm for lunch. We went to a local bar which claims to have the best Italian subs in the neighborhood. My dad and I had the subs. My mother had a chef's salad.

Then we went to Worthington and stopped at a bakery. I'd had one of the best chocolate chip cookies I'd had in a long time there and my dad wanted to find out for himself how good the cookies were. I had a fudgy brownie and got my own chocolate chip (with walnuts) cookie to go. My dad ate half of his cookie (without the walnuts). He proclaimed it a cross between a tollhouse and famous amos. He was pleased.

Next up was a trip to OfficeMax. My mom got some literature sorter cardboard thing and she bought me some printer ink.

Since one of the clothing stores I shop at was right there, I picked out a pair of shorts for my mom to try on. They were too big. And they were the smallest size they had (store only carries 14 to 23). Since Target was nearby I had her try on a pair of capris and shorts. The capris looked okay while she was standing (she's barely 5 feet tall) but looked like floods while sitting. She was in between the 12 and 14 sizes in the shorts. So no new clothes for mom.

Then we went home where my dad fixed the bathroom door. Even at the home inspection it would shut but not actually close and lock into place. My bff from California will be here later this month (she stayed here the last time she was in town; we didn't have Sammy yet) and I didn't think she'd care to have Sammy barge in on her. I've been thinking for years that it needed a shim in the hinge. Well, my dad had it taken care of in five minutes flat. He used some kind of rubber tubing in one of the hinges.

That was so easy! I asked then about a kitchen cabinet hinge that lost a screw. He went to hardware store, came back with the screw and took care of it. And then I asked about the rubber threshold which I tripped over far too often because it was broken. He took some measurements and said the metal part holding it in shouldn't need to be pried off the floor.

Next I asked about the porch light which was no longer working. He touched it and it went on. So there was a short somewhere. He took it apart, cleaned it out (a moth flew out) and decided the screws holding it into the aluminim siding were too short for the weight of the light.

When we went to the garage to get the ladder, I mentioned how the outlets didn't seem to be working anymore (electric lawn mower needs charging in a safe place). He hit the reset button on the GFI outlet and we got some sparks from an outlet. But still nothing on the lawn mower charger. Later I realized it wasn't plugged into the lawn mower. It seems to be charging now. :)

Another trip to the hardware store for my dad and all seems to be in working order. We went to dinner at a family-owned Italian restaurant which is one of their favorites. Had Italian Wedding Soup and pepperoni pizza.

So my day of lunch and my dad fixing the door turned into a 9.5 hour adventure.

Next week we're taking a road trip to get the broasted chicken from my childhood.

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