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After arriving at work Monday morning I had a text message to call my husband ASAP. I called him, thinking something horrible had happened.

He said he couldn't talk and everyone was okay but he had something to tell me. After we hung up I forgot about it because I was involved with work.

Before my lunch he texted me with a timeframe I could call him so I did so on my lunch break. Lo, and behold, either he forgot to open the garage door or it closed and he had his music so loud he didn't hear it.

Not sure how fast he was going, but he backed into the garage door really well. Some of the rollers are bent and not in the frame, the garage door bulges like a Fiat and he has several scrapes on the back of the car.

I honestly have no idea how he got the door opened and closed again. He's had to park in the driveway. Not sure when he's going to make an appointment to get it looked at.



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Aug. 13th, 2014 03:47 pm (UTC)
I'm sorry but it's kind of funny as long as he gets his act together to get it all fixed and doesn't leave it for you to do.
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