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I considered post dating my entries because it's been so long since I've made any, but I think that would be cheating. So I'll make separate entries.

Monday - August 16th
I finished all of my reports at work so tonight we went out for pizza and two movies. I was hesitant about the pizza because the last time we went it wasn't the greatest. We found a New York style place around the corner from one of our favorite theaters. The crust is crispy and about as thin as the cardboard you'd find on a pad of paper. The secret is to get the extra cheese and drink Coke!

I half jokingly requested Sleepover for our movie. We saw Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter... and Spring. It was okay. I liked the scenery.

The second one we saw was BAADASSSSS. Now I know why Sweetback kept having sex with every woman he met. In order to not have to use a union movie crew (which would have been all caucasian and cost $$$) and be able to screen the movie in peace, they had to pretend they were filming a porno. I can only imagine the kind of impact it made upon the different communities that were aware of the film. I've not really watched much of the Blackxploitation movies but I have to give the people who made them credit for trying something different.