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I waited in line for over an hour in the cold (snow on the ground) for wings that are only offered once a year. The two guys behind me were conversing about friends they have in common, their weed habits, the friend who needs the intervention because he's a recreational heroin user with a kid who lives with the grandmother and the astronomer at one of the bars who got divorced late in life (50s) and is currently living in a single room apartment nearby. The group of three guys behind them chatted about a friend of theirs who stopped smoking and started biking and looked really good because he was taking care of himself. His wife was doing the same thing too. And someone's ex started singing with another band when they broke up and she's doing crossfit now and could bench 200. If she learned how to use a gun she'd be really attractive to another friend of theirs because she could be potentially and actually threatening to him.

It was kinda crazy. I was old enough to be the aunt or mother of the two guys and the peer of the three guys.