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Ballroom Dancing Continued and More

So doing the Waltz feels magical... it's like you're floating and spinning through air.

Life is interesting in a way I'm not crazy about at the moment. At the end of January I had to say goodbye to Sammy. He acted strange one Tuesday night... walking on all four legs but tilting to the right like he was a little drunkard. I had hoped I'd finally gotten his pain medication right. No such luck.

I found out the following Monday his cancer came back worse and more aggressive than before. I'd said goodbye on Saturday and let my parents do it too. I was originally supposed to go to the Women's March that weekend but things turned out for the best; I can't imagine having the pet sitter take care of that.

So life is strange. I got Sammy because I missed the sound of Corgi paws when my ex-husband was travelling for work. And now it's just me in this house. I couldn't sleep for a while because I missed hearing his breathing. I'm back on a regular sleeping schedue, at least.

Edit: Forgot to mention that when this was happening I'd had a growth removed from the side of my nose. Dermatologist started off with it being cancer then backed off stating it could be related to my roscea. Turns out it was benign. Fuck Cancer!
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