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First Vacation Day

Getting ready for our trip was a lot more stressful than it should have been. It was done during the first two weeks of the month when Ihave monthly reports to clean up and deliver to clients. This was stressful not only because of the timeline but because I have to depend on other people as well.

My mother decided she'd like time away from her house in the country and would rather watch our dog at our apartment. This of course necessitates a flurry of cleaning. We have a strict timeline because we are working and only have a few hours before bed time. The kitchen looks a lot better, at least, and so does the bathroom. There were minor improvements in all of the other rooms.

When my mother comes, it is like she is moving in for a month. She and my husband told me that they made several trips out to her car. I know she brought blankets, pillows, clothes, a bag of magazines, coffee, food and frozen food. It's as though all the cleaning in the dining and living rooms went down the tubes.

She doesn't drive at night so if we get back in the evening on Tuesday she's going to stay the night again. This means I'll have to deal with her on hte extra day off that I took from work.

We saw Kung Fu Hustle and didn't tell her what we were going to see. It was good to see her laugh. The movie theater wasn't packed. It was a sneak preview and Sahara was being sneaked the same night at another theater. We then ate dinner at The Cafe Istanbul. Yummy.

My tummer was upset by all of the stress, though.

Friday before we went to the movies I picked up my new glasses. The frames are by Robert Marc and the signature of the designer are the silver bars on the sides. I never noticed them until they were pointed out to me. My optometrist has an exclusive deal with the designer for Ohio. The frames were handmade in France. Now I know why they cost so much. It's nice to see again.

Driving to Philadelphia was stressful. (I think that's the theme of this journal entry, don't you?) We didn't get to leave when we wanted and we missed an exit. We got into the city after 4:30pm. The festival guest offices closed at 5pm. We found them but couldn't find any parking so we went to the hotel. By the time we got checked in and settled it was 5:15pm.

We took a nap and then headed out. We ate at Quizno's around the corner. It was my husband's first time there. They got both of our orders wrong but the sandwiches were still good. We walked towards Penn Landing to our first movie. We paid the $19 for the tickets.

It was called Uno. I kept looking at it from the point of view of a book I read recently. "Ah, there's the hook." "They introduced this prop. When does it show up next?"

After the movie we walked to one of the theaters by our hotel and saw The Upside of Anger. I thought the ending was a copout. Other than that, it was okay.

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