dogzilla30 (dogzilla30) wrote,

Third Vacation Day

Whew! I thought I'd call my friend, M, to see if he wanted to meet us for a brunch but I knew his mother would have a problem with him missing church, so I didn't. We went to Cosi for breakfast but they stopped serving it at 10am. We got there about 10:30am or 11am, I forget which. My husband got to enjoy the New York Times with his sandwich and I mainly enjoyed my lemonade. The first movie of the day was Peas at 5:30. While at times sentimental and some of the plot points were coming a mile away, I still liked it. Next up was Mysterious Skin. I wanted to like it but just couldn't. Billy Drago was perfectly cast; he looks like walking death. One scene has stayed with me all day from the movie, just because it's one of those moments when a child does something and doesn't know it's not right.

Next on the schedule was McDull, Prince De La Bun. It was all over the place so if you see this expecting to follow a plot, forget it. A weepy love story was next with Crying Out Love, At the Center of the World. I did cry at two parts near the end and it was one of the best movies we saw all day. Halfway through the movie all I could think about was how good homemade Skyline would taste. The only meal we ate all day was the breakfast/lunch at Cosi where I didn't really eat.

The surprise for me was Putney Swope. Robert Downey Sr. was there to introduce it and take questions at the end. The woman sitting next to my husband brought her knitting and was unrolling some yarn next to him. Every now and then I'd look over and wonder why she had a wig on her lap. It wasn't until afterwards that I saw her knitting needles and got to watch her unwind the yarn. The movie was funny. It was over the top in the way in which the changes at the ad agency took place and I don't know if such a movie could be made today with all of the political correctness in today's America. Robert Downey Sr. was just wonderful. If there is one word I would use to describe him it would be gracious. He spoke about how much fun it was to make the movie, answered questions regarding Paul Thomas Anderson, and talked about how much Eddie Murphy loves the movie and the rumors that he'd like to remake it. That is, Eddie Murphy would like to remake it. Robert Downey Sr. has no interest in it.

Coming into the hotel tonight, we were met with the sight of a bride, groom, and several in their wedding party. They had part of the cake with them and I was ready to take some of it to claim as my own. The little kids were cute in their formal wear, but I have to wonder how much sugar they had. It was 12:30am and they were running around the halls of the hotel. There is a party in a suite on our floor for it but the adults are being much louder than the kids.

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