dogzilla30 (dogzilla30) wrote,

More Gah!

Tuesday - August 17th
I finished writing my final employee reviews on Friday. It occurred to me that I hadn't gotten them back from HR with comments on them. Hmm. So I asked Amy, our HR person. My manager never gave her the final ones. Blech on my boss.

I played EQ as one of my alternates and role-played for a bit. My neutral alter-ego made level 30. I didn't realize Gunthak had such a steady stream of mobs. Of course, it helps to have a cleric nearby.

I got really mad at my husband. He was to go to a concert at his work. I thought he needed to leave at 8pm but it was really 8:30pm. I kept asking him if he'd changed his mind about going. He had told me what time he had to leave but it didn't sink in. Sometimes I get ideas in my head and nearly nothing can shake them out. This is one trait of my mother that I wish I didn't have.

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