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Fourth Vacation Day

This was the most frustrating food day ever. We went to Mrs. K's and had breakfast. I had hash browns and bacon while he had chipped beef on toast.

Then we walked over to a museum that he had to visit for work. It's the Fabric Workshop and Museum. We walked through Chinatown where my allergies began to act up. My hands were starting to puff up when we made it to the museum. My husband had to pick up a catalog for the head of his department. Whenever one of them (there are three in his immediate department) go out of state/country for work, they usually bring the one(s) that didn't go something back. We were surprised to find a piece of artwork by Ann Hamilton there. It seems that she is on their advisory board. I think of her as a photographer but she does work in multiple mediums.

We stopped at the Reading Terminal Market. It's at least three times the size of the North Market that is near us. I bet my eyes were as big as saucers. Meat places, bakeries, chocolates, amish food, seafood places, a bar, two bookstores, etc. Lots and lots of merchants make their home there.

After much walking, and going past the entrance, we made it to the Liberty Bell. Going through the security checkpoint, I set off the alarm. After thinking about it, I can only guess the silver on my glasses set it off. The bell is not as wide as I thought it would be. It weighs over 2000 pounds. I got teary-eyed looking at it and I can't explain why. The same feelings came over me on our last visit to Philadelphia. I wanted to see the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier but we were running out of time.

We each promised me a good lunch to make up for only having breakfast. We went to a fancy restaurant my husband suggested but I didn't think they were open so we went to the City Tavern. The food there didn't appeal to me for lunch time fare, so we ended up at Pagoda Noodle Cafe next to the first movie theater of the day. My feet were really hurting from all the walking. I was hobbling around the hotel room in the morning, so it shouldn't have come as a surprise. Nothing really appealed to me. I ordered the Hong Kong Style Won Ton Soup and he ordered the Won Ton Soup with Duck. Our order arrives and he tells me I have his soup. I don't think it's his; I think it's mine. We eat what was placed in front of us. We both have duck in our soup. The bones are still on so it's really hard to eat the duck. I end up kind of slicing it off with my chopsticks and eating what I can. Then I give my husband one of my won tons. He tells me that it is a shrimp won ton and puts it back in my bowl. Splash! Chicken broth is all over my t-shirt. My husband almost looks like he's going to cry. I must have given him a real dirty look. It was an accident so I can't stay mad - it's just that my feet hurt and it's been frustrating. I don't eat much of my soup and I order a spring roll. It's okay.

We go to our first movie which is Late Bloomer directed by Go Shibata. It's very engaging. My take on the storyline was different than it turned out to be. When I told my husband what I thought it would be going into it, he told me to write it down. So I did. The director was there to introduce the movie and answer questions afterwards. The Japanese interpreter had a tough time with it. When we got our badges at the guest services office we were told that they were very short on Japanese interpreters. The Cherry Blossom Festival was being held that same week and most of the interpreters they normally use (aka volunteers) were at the festival because they were being paid for the work. Mr. Shibata was funny and it was easy to see that he is a fan of David Lynch.

Next on the schedule for the day was Izo. I called it artsy-fartsy after watching it. You don't expect that from a movie with a time traveling samurai who is trying to kill all of mankind.

For dinner, we went to a place called the Marathon Grill. My husband ordered the 8-oz burger and I got the tuna salad hot grilled sandwich. Ick! The place was nice (though how it gets away with single stall restrooms I don't know) but my sandwich equaled a grilled cheese sandwich stuffed with dry tuna salad. The french fries were good but I felt bad. I could only eat four or five bites of my sandwich. I would have gotten one of the dinner specials, but I knew I was going to be sitting through a 3 hour and then some movie and didn't want to eat something heavy. This place would be really popular if it were to open up by OSU. I wanted dessert, but our waitress took so long to get back to us that we only had 10 minutes left before our final movie.

The final movie of the festival for us was Four Shades of Brown. It had several stories but none of them were really intertwined in any way.

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