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Do you ever have those weird dreams that leave you there in bed, saying, "What the f?" I had one of those this morning.

The first part had people from high school and the Real World/Road Rules Challenges. It was a pre-party to another party and was women only. Mostly it was women talking sex or acting out things. Then the dream changed to an outdoor party with a long picnic table. It was about 20 feet long. There were all kinds of barbecue, vegetables and other food on it. It was really dark so I'm not sure how we could see anything. Fireworks were bursting in the black sky just for me. Will Ferrell told me that he really wanted some A1 sauce and couldn't find it. I took him right over to a spot on the picnic table and pointed it out to him.

The next part of the dream was me, two girls I knew from elementary school and some boys from high school. I had dated two of the boys and one of them was my high school sweetheart. We were in some old mustang or chevy nova and pulled into a parking space. Then we walked to the entrance of a mall that I've never visited. The girls and I were telling them about the pre-party without giving them any details on who said or did what. Suddenly everyone but my high school sweetheart are replaced with other people and it's a larger group. These are also high school people (ones I was in class with but didn't really know). Three guys are talking to my sweetheart and I see one pull out a gun and be very subtle about showing it to him. Then the next thing I know, he's walking off with the sweetheart to who knows where and I panic. I get all of my friends over to the other side of the wall by the grass where we are a good distance away and have a good overview of the mall entry. Next I see the sweetheart back at the entry, looking around for people that he knows. I go running over and grab his hand. I didn't notice until then that the man with the gun was in front of him. He pulls the gun to his chest, trying to cover it up. I yell, "I'm so glad I found you! I bought so many things that our friends are inside holding all the packages. Let me show you!" I drag him down the rest of the steps and into the mall. After a few yards I can see the man isn't following us. I hug the sweetheart and say, "Let's find the police. I saw everything that happened." He nods and I woke up from the dream.

The only thing remotely grounded in reality is that I pointed out to my husband that I had an extra bottle of A1 steak sauce at dinner so when he was ready for a new bottle it would be in the kitchen cabinet. I haven't thought about any of these people I know in a long time. I saw The Inferno II the other day but I haven't seen anything by Will Ferrell. Strange.

My last day of vacation was very peaceful. Several times throughout the day I thought, "I must have been really stressed. I can't remember the last time I felt this relaxed." I took the car in for an oil change and asked them to look at the driver side door. It would take them an hour to take it apart just to figure out what was wrong with it and I couldn't leave it there overnight so they didn't really do anything with the door. The woman said that she called a dealership to talk about what could be wrong and the parts that would be needed. She was on hold for 15 minutes so she hung up with them. She thinks that someone at a dealership will need to repair the door. Icky - I think that might cost a lot.

After dropping off the car I walked him. I surfed the internet, got caught up on some emails, and generally hung out. I had written a letter to a former employer in February regarding my 403B retirement plan but I finally got to send it out. I also found a good email address to tell someone about the street light in the alley that's been out for months. The dog just laid around the house all day. He seemed exhausted.

When the car was ready, I walked back to the car place. One of the apartments close to the corner carryout is for sale. Peeking out a window at the top was a black bearded dog (probably a type of terrier). The window was opened just enough for him to slip his head out and it looked like there was a blanket or rug covering the window. It was just this funny disembodied dog head. I kept waving at him, and he would move around like he was excited and wagging his tail. He seemed friendly.

All in all, I think I walked about a mile. I swore to myself that I wouldn't check my phone mail or email for work and I didn't!

Thursday at work was busy. Friday at work was busy too. I knew something would get messed up but I didn't find out what it was until Friday afternoon. There were two things and all were done by the same person. 1. I requested the quarterly report be completed by the time I got back since I would be going to see a customer on Tuesday and will need to present it. I found out yesterday afternoon that not only was it not done, it hadn't been worked on while I was away. 2. My main customer requested a workgroup be discontinued in our call tracking system. The person who took care of it, didn't bother to look if there were any open tickets for that workgroup when it was discontinued. There was one open ticket and the people that were to look at it didn't even know about it because the wrong people were contacted. It was a mess and here this poor woman has gone a week wondering where her printouts are going.

Last year my parents bought a pig from a friend of theirs. The pig was taken to the butcher. They repackaged everything into sizes for them (for instance, two chops instead of four or five in a package) and put it all into their freezer. When my mother was here she brought us some packages of chops and packages of broccolli from their garden. We had pork loin chops for dinner last night. It was good.

This picture of a Corgi in a rainslicker cracks me up.

I entered some little contest on Writing Stuff today. I should work on my entry for the April contest at Ink Slingers.

I'm so excited about next month. The festival my husband has been working on will actually happen! It's small for the first year, but it's happening! Learn about the Deep Focus Film Fest here! He's helped with screening some of the movies.

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