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While driving home from our trip, my husband told me that his friend, Sadie Benning, won a Guggenheim Fellowship and that his friend Lewis Klahr was up for another fellowship but I forget the name of it. I used to think that people in the arts had some kind of special aura around them. The more I hang out with them or hear about them from my husband, I realize they may look at the world a bit differently than you or I but a majority of them are normal people too. They have their own faults just like everyone else.

I've gotten to watch a few Buffy's and Angels over the last few days as well as Inferno II, The Staircase, Amazing Race, American Idol, E! Hollywood Hold'Em, Survivor and World Poker Tour.

Saturday I went to a book reading but it didn't quite turn out the way I thought it would. I was there to see Michelle Herman read from Dog. I showed up about 15 minutes early and started browsing around the store. I saw a sign that pointed out the direction the reading was to be held. A few feet in I saw another sign about the featured authors. Authors!?!?!? What? About ten minutes before it starts, I hear her. She's confused because she thought it was a solo reading. She finds the manager (who I just happen to have known for years and am cringing at the thought of what Michelle might say to him) to ask him about it. He explains that the reading is really a showcase kind of thing for people to speak with local authors. Michelle seems like the type of person whose bad side you don't want to get on. I'm nearby looking at the cookbooks and eavesdropping. She's really flexible about it and says she'll speak to the other authors.

After a few minutes, I take my seat with the others. There are about 10 chairs setup and all three authors are at the main table. My friend comes over the loud speaker to announce the author event. The first woman (I forgot her name) wrote a book about a special needs child, a family member I think, and how he touches their lives. Then he announces Michelle. The last author, (I forgot his name too but think it began with David) wrote a detective/mystery novel set in Cleveland. After checking with the other two, Michelle went ahead and read a piece from both of her recent books. When she read from The Middle of Everything she had four of the people from the essay there at the reading. It seems like there were a few people from her neighborhood (and one OSU student) there; in fact, with the exception of two people, everyone was there to see her. I actually said more this time than, "I really enjoyed your reading." I asked about the promotional tour, etc. She mentioned that she sits in a room all day alone writing which seems strange. She seems like such a people person that she'd never have that time to just sit in a room by herself and write.

Earlier this week the office with the computer room was so warm! My husband hooked up our window air conditioner in the bedroom and turned it on. I woke up twice during the night but other than that, it was heavenly to have it on. And to think... today we've had rain and snow!

I went to Sue Grafton's web site and was amazed by the office she has. That's way more room than I would ever need. I imagine a working office for me would look more like the one that Ralph Keyes has.

This week I finished up my entry for the April 2005 Ink Slingers writing contest. I'd been working on it off and on since it was announced. When we were in Philadelphia, we went to a nearby park area and sat on a bench. We enjoyed the weather and my husband would periodically make fun of our DJ. He was at a bench several yards away with a boombox on his lap and slept with his head back on the bench. The sunglasses must have been helpful eye protection for when he opened his eyes. I did some writing while we were there though it really wasn't very long. I typed it up and did my editing and revisions this week. I read it out loud to my husband before I posted it. I was so nervous! I bet it will be like this each time I share something I wrote with him.

While searching the Ohio Arts Council for writers in Ohio, I came across a site I liked for Tim Waggoner. I've never heard of him but the site is well done. It has a biography, articles, mentions the books, etc.

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