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If I'd posted a few hours ago while I was still tipsy from the wine with dinner, this entry would probably be funnier. *smiles*

As it is, you get the usual sober me. Sorry!

Surfing the internet on Saturday night was fun.

Sunday I spent the entire day in my nightgown and didn't miss the outside world one bit. First it snowed. Then it rained. Then it snowed but melted instantly. Then it rained. It was kind of a weird day for the weather.

I had the opportunity to read A Writer's Guide to Fiction by Elizabeth Lyon. I swear, I took about 10 pages of notes while reading it. Just before going to bed last night, I was really happy because someone voted for my entry in the Ink Slinger's April contest. I don't even care if I win; I'm just really happy that someone liked it enough to vote for it (I didn't vote for myself). Or maybe they felt sorry that I didn't get any votes yet - that's okay with me too! :)

Tomorrow I get to work from home. I haven't done it in about a year so I really want to get some work accomplished.

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