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My ex-neighbor picked me up last night and we saw Crash. I had seen the trailers for it so many times that I was thinking it wouldn't be very good. I'm glad to report I did not waste my time and I recommend it to others!

I used to think my dog loved me, but let me tell you, he's in love with my ex-neighbor. When she walked up I let him out of our back door so he could see her. He crouched down, set his ears back and was booking for her! She was the only thing he had eyes for. He followed her all around the yard. When she stood on her old back steps, he waited patiently beside her and looked up at her with an expectant look on his face. "Open up! I want inside!" It was really hard to leave him because he wanted to go with us so badly. I had to practically fight him to keep him inside the apartment while I was trying to get out the door.

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