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This morning it's raining. The rain mutes the noises of the cars on the streets. I do enjoy lying in bed and listening to the sounds of it. It makes our bedroom cold so I like to stay under the covers. Last night all I got to sleep with was the sheet so I was really cold this morning.

For the gala party I wanted to wear something summery, flirty, and cute. Only having a few hours before we had to be there... I didn't find it. There were lots of cute tops at the store but none that 1) I'd feel comfortable wearing or 2) that fit. Being of a larger shape can be frustrating at times. For instance, at Christmas (at this same store) I had to try on tops in the petites, misses and plus size sections to find something that fit perfectly. Otherwise it was... too tight, sleeves too long, shoulders too big and variations of that same theme. I found a slinky black skirt that was just so cute! If they had it in other colors I would have bought more than one. There was another version of it which was black with small white vines and leaves but I couldn't think of any tops I had to go with it. They had a matching top, but their smallest size was too big for me. If I were an exhibitionist that might be another story. :)

For a top I ended up wearing a dress shirt with funky cuffs that I got for Christmas. Very uncharacteristic of me, I didn't wear pantyhose. How New York of me! How urban! How cold!

The opening night film was Off the Map by Campbell Scott. It's not played anywhere in town yet but there are trailers for it at the local art house. I wonder if it will even come there. They have a habit of showing trailers for films that they don't end up booking. I digress. The movie was a nice portrait of life lived unconventionally. We went with two of our friends and got to catch up with them on how things have been. The last time we saw them was the night we saw Old School together.

The party afterwards was fun. It was sponsored by Stella Artois and Grey Goose. It was at the Red Star Tavern around the corner from the movie theater. The appetizers consisted of little egg rolls, pork pot stickers, chips and salsa, bacon wrapped water chestnuts, and puffed cheese things. The bar was limited in what they had but the drinks kept flowing and flowing. We thought that the first round was on the house, but was all the rounds! I had two Stella Artois and two baby martinis. The first martini had lemon juice in it and the second one had chocolate syrup drizzled around the inside of the glass. The waitresses told us what was in each one and the name of it, but it was useless to give me that information. I was just a bit too drunk to remember it. At one point, I could have sworn I was cross-eyed drunk.

My husband is not a social creature, as some of you may have guessed. I was very proud of him though. Except for when he got up and went to the film critic for the local paper (a very nice man who gives fun bocci ball parties) he was in his seat the entire night. Everyone that wanted to talk to him had to go to him. It was a late night for us; we got home around 12:30am which is unusual for having to go to work the next day.

Except for seeing the movie, the entire night was a bit unusual for us. It was fun and I'm looking forward to the next one.

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