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We got a notice from our landlord that our rent is going up $40 in July. Our rent is payable a month in advance, so it's really in June we have to start paying more money. I suppose it's reasonable but a month's notice isn't a whole lot of time. We still pay dirt cheap rent for our neighborhood. Also, our rent is due on the 25th of the month instead of the 1st. Ick!

Today my employees had their self-reviews due. Almost everyone turned them in and I looked them over to make sure everyone did them right. I was mildly offended when someone stated I never stop by to just chat with them. It's true I don't, but I think it only started 5 or 6 months ago. It's not like I've never ever stopped by in a year to say hi. (I have two teams of people who report to me but they are on opposite ends of the same room.) Since I do the work of so many people, I don't exactly have a lot of free time to just stop over and chat. I do with a friend, but I know after 5 minutes I can leave and she won't be offended.

Yesterday and today have been warm. We had the air conditioner on last night.

I have updates to give on the rest of the Deep Focus Film Festival. Expect those soon. Note that one movie totally rocked. Not just rocked but ruled. Not just ruled but... you get the drift. Murderball is the name of it. IMDB doesn't have much information on it, but if it comes to your town you should see it. It won the audience favorite award at the festival. It's set for general release around July 2005.

I'm off to see The Letter: An American Town and the 'Somali Invasion'. It should be interesting and thought provoking.

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