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Not Done Much

I've not done too much this week as far as I'm concerned.

I've kind of stayed away from the computer except for Thursday when I called in sick. I typed in some stories I'd been working on and visited some web sites that I hadn't been to in a while. I also figured out why my guild had a sudden drop in membership. When Xegony merged apparently some of the characters in my guild were deleted since they met the deletion criteria. I'm still trying to track down the owner(s) of our web site domain since it expired and hasn't been renewed. This means I can't do any recruiting while the web site is still down. The application page and everything was on the web site.

My mother has a longtime friend who they both consider my godmother. She got remarried in January but announced it in late April. I bought a card for her but realized I didn't have her new address, only her phone number. I sent an email to my mom asking for the address. (My mother just can't seem to use computers so my dad actually gets all the emails and reads them to her or sends them on her behalf.) The response I got back was along the lines of "I have the address but call her and get it from her - she'd love to hear from you." You have no idea how many expletives went through my mind. With my crackpot internet skills I've tracked down her new husband's place of employment but not his home address. In my city, a lot of physicians have their personal information in the phone book in case of emergencies. I guess it's different for doctors in Los Angeles. I told my husband about the email response I got this morning and he laughed and said it was obnoxious.

I took advantage of the special anniversary deal from SOE and paid $99 (+tax) for a year's subscription with special rewards. The day after it expired, SOE announced the price was going up to $14.99 a month subscription fee.

I saw Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy and Head-On this week. I liked both but Head-On was probably more interesting.

Friday was a beautiful day. Today the sun is out and it should be beautiful too. Of course yesterday it rained when I did my Walk for The Cure. My mother-in-law did the walk with me again this year. Afterwards we went to the free samples booths, picked out new glasses for her and ate brunch at Northstar. Unfortunately, my stomach cramped up on me before we left the restaurant and I felt really sick. We would have taken her to the North Market too for ice cream and to walk around.

This week I told my husband about some writing contests and he was surprised that some of them have entry fees or reading fees. I didn't ask him, but I wonder if he thought all the contests that get run had no costs associated with them?

Tonight is the finale of Survivor. I really have no clue who is going to win. At first I thought Angie, then I thought Stefanie and then Caryn. I took a quiz to find out who my Survivor Twin from this season would be and got Bobby Jon!

Your Surivor Palau Twin is Bobby Jon

Strong, hardworking, and a good provider.

And you've been known to grunt like a caveman!

The book I've been reading is The Lives of the Muses by Francine Prose. At first it was kind of hard to get through but now it's going much more quickly. I've had to consult my friend, Merriam-Webster, a few times to make sure I understood something correctly or not.

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