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Wait... Wait.... Don't Tell Me!

Thursday - August 19th
As a surprise for me, my husband entered his name into a ticket drawing at work for Wait Wait Don't Tell Me tickets. If you've never heard the show, you are really missing out on some intelligent radio. I hadn't heard of NPR until my junior year in college. Another RA was a beauty contestant and she'd listen to NPR in the mornings to keep up on current events. I thought it was interesting but didn't pay much attention to it until I was married and my husband would turn the radio to it on Saturdays.

My favorite shows on Saturdays are Whad'ya Know, Car Talk, and Wait Wait Don't tell me! While I was involved in a summer reading program at the library I even rented a Car Talk audiotape to listen in the car. For some reason, I thought it was Whad'ya Know that was coming to town.

With Wait Wait Don't tell Me, you get limericks, quotes, and funny news stories. My husband won the tickets but I had already made plans to go to the Saryrn raid. It started late though, and I thought I could get through the show and make it to the raid on time. Wrong!

Oddly enough, it never occurred to me that the show wasn't taped live each Saturday. The two hosts came out, chatted with the audience, introduced the panelists (Adam Felber, Roxanne Roberts and Mo Rocca) and then started the show. After the show, their producers had them retell jokes, etc where the sound quality wasn't that good. The last part of the evening was a Q & A session. We left while they were doing the retakes. With buffing, etc. I made it to the Saryrn raid just before they started moving out.

It was my first trip and the first for many in my alliance. Saryrn beat us the first time but we picked right up and got her good! It was one of the first times in a long time that I'd been pumped up after a raid.

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