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The Day

Well, from 8:30am to 9am my main customer said our help desk stinks, my boss doesn't know how to lead, and she thinks I do a lousy job of communicating to my boss because I don't tell him every single time she's unhappy with something. So now my boss is joining her and I on our Monday morning conference calls. She told me later that she didn't really want him on it because she and I can't talk about our weekends as much. I thought, "Gee, you could have said, it's really not that necessary for him to join us. I was just trying to make a point." She made the comment to me that she's shown my boss her demon side yesterday and today. When I mentioned it to him, he said that's all he'd seen. hehe. I was invited to dinner with a customer Thursday night but I declined. Since I have so little interaction with the customer I didn't want to go along just for a nice dinner.

I'm happy that Tom won Survivor. I think he's probably the best person from the Palau season who is truly equipped to be left on an island alone. I called the American Idol hotline tonight to place my vote, but I called just after 10pm so I didn't get my vote counted. In an act of jaw-dropping "I can't believe I'm watching this" I saw the Britney and Kevin: Chaotic show this evening. Is she really an adult? She acts like a teenager. Sure, some of it has to be showing off, but come on. Really. I think what both of them has forgotten is that at some point his second child will probably see this and say, "Dad, you were f'ing Britney while I was waiting to be born. No wonder Mom calls you bad names."

Several of my friends have been writing about the latest thing on LJ. There is a meme with the command, "Pick 10 names from your friends list. Do NOT use that person's name, but write a brief sentence/comment/question for them that you would probably never be able to say to their face. No matter what, you don't reveal who it's about." I've hardly met any of my LJ friends in real life; they're people I've met through EQ Women, EverQuest and Ink Slingers. I can't think of anything I wouldn't say to them in person that I wouldn't say to them in an email. Maybe because my group of friends is small or maybe because everyone just kind of let's it all out in LJ, I feel close to my friends. Few of my friends leave comments for me on my LJ, but that's mainly because I post stupid stuff about what I did that day. I know my posts are public and they've been reading them and I'm sure a stranger has stumbled across my LJ from time to time too. I don't need validation from them that what I'm doing or what I'm thinking is interesting.

I'm generally an upbeat person who other than hating her job, is really happy with her life right now. I see so many people around me who aren't happy. When I can, I offer help to them, but sometimes they need to have the confidence to help themselves too. For example, I work with someone who never seems to have enough money to pay her bills. I offer her up as someone who might be able to work overtime to assist with projects, etc. While I can offer her name as a potential person for overtime, she has to say yes or arrange her schedule so she can do it. I've been in that situation before and it's not a good feeling to owe people money or have debt hanging over your head with no hope of getting out of it.

Between Sunday night and Monday I ate too much. I felt like my stomach was bloated by 10 inches. Starting this morning I felt better. After work today I thought that we'd go to a movie, go for a walk and watch American Idol. Instead I took a nap, looked through some Nigella Lawson cookbooks and went through some old newspapers. We get the city paper Thursday - Sunday but I usually get to read them once or twice a month. I know it's silly to keep newspapers so old but I sometimes come across information that I have no other way of knowing.

Yesterday I started reading How to Breathe Underwater by Julie Orringer. I'm on the second story. She kicks behind!

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