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P.S. to last Thursday's post

I love to sleep. Don't you? If it's too cold in the morning, I want to stay in bed. If it's overcast, I want to stay in bed. If it's raining, I really don't want to get out of bed. If I keep waking up during the night, I want to stay in bed. The bedroom has always seemed like a sanctuary to me. When little, it's the only place to call your own. When in college, the same thing happens.

While sleeping, I kept waking up. Sometimes one of my sides will fall asleep and the tingling nerves will wake me up. On this particular morning, I hear my name shouted and I wake up and sit upright in bed, trying to figure out what is going on. My husband woke me up to say that the roof was leaking and the water was landing right on his pillow and him. While he went downstairs to get a bucket, I heard the "plop" two more times and then it was over.

We've lived in our apartment for 8 years now. It's really old. They replaced the kitchen cabinets and sink when we moved in but that's about it. As the people around us have moved out of their apartments, the windows are being replaced, the kitchen is being redone (with dishwashers even!), and air conditioning is being put in. I highly doubt any basement waterproofing is being done.