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I finished the Julie Orringer today. It was just... awesome. In each story there was some underlying truth or feeling that just grabbed my gut. Her style was varied too in the viewpoint, format, etc. which made it interesting. Sometimes short story collections kind of read like they have the same story told with different "what if" situations.

While doing a search about her on the internet I found some interesting things. I found a woman who wants to read 365 short stories this year. I also found where Random House published pieces of her notebooks. I have my own writing journal that I've started so I found this interesting. One of her stories, The Isabel Fish goes through a few rewrites from her notebooks to publication and I found that interesting too. I could kind of see the reasons for her revisions. My search pulled up the blog kept by Maud Newton. It seems she was an editor working with Stephen Elliot. Lately other people have been posting in her blog so I'm not sure what that is all about. I had forgotten Julie Orringer's from Ohio. Or should I say her parents live in Ohio so she probably grew up here.

I refound Stephen Elliot's blog about getting people signed up to vote in Ohio for the election. At OSU he got quite a scare...

Here's the bad news. I stopped in a composition class during the day. There were twenty-five students. One of them was a girl with a deep tan and a rope necklace so tight around her neck I couldn't imagine how she could breathe. I asked the class who their favorite author was. My guess was that their favorite author was probably on the list of authors making phone calls. One student said "Kerouac," so I amended it to living author. Another student said he preferred movies. A third student said John Grisham. At which point I changed the subject.

I can't say I blamed him. What are some of these kids thinking? Was it a beginning composition class?

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