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We watched In the Realms of the Unreal last night. We saw some of Henry Darger. Looking at his paintings, I thought, "This is kind of creepy, like reading through the diaries of some serial killer." The movie put things in some context for me. It is amazing that he wrote a 15,000 page book about the Realms of the Unreal. It was obviously a response to the things that happened to him and was a productive way of responding to the events of his life. The people who knew him didn't have much insight into him but that's not surprising. Looking at his work, I wondered how he got so many of his subjects to look alike and I assumed he had done it freehand. I don't think he could have put on paper what he was seeing in his mind without the aid of technology. Just imagine what he might have done with Photoshop!

It's my turn to pick what movie we'll see in the theater but I can't decide. I'm the poster child for indecision at time. I think it's because I wipe so many noses at work.

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