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I worked from 7pm Sunday to 6am today. I had five calls from customers. Four of which I got to answer. The answers to three of the questions was, "They moved the data center on Friday and it's not back up yet so that's why you can't connect to anything." The fourth answer was, "Here's the url for the web mail but if you can't access your mail it's because the data center is in the process of being moved." My piece of crap laptop (though I love Bessie dearly) with the 10 gig hard drive, pentium II processor, and 128 mg of RAM was locking up on me and wouldn't let me get to where I needed to go to answer the fifth phone call.

I decided I wasn't going to stay until 7am. Since I'm a manager I can do that. At 6am I was out of there. The pseudo-manager who works from 6am to 2:30pm was nowhere in sight when I left. He usually only calls to say he'll be late if he doesn't get there until 7am or later. I've been wondering when he really shows up for a long time. I sometimes take far too much joy in busting his chops about things. I'm very conscious of it so unless I'm feeling really mean I do try to back off or not push too hard. That's one of the reasons why I really need another job - I don't like the person I am at times (at work) and it's just me making other people feel miserable because I'm frustrated or miserable.

My husband is so sweet! He decided to stay up also and go to bed when I came home. He watched three movies while I was at work. He called his boss and said that we had to move things in the basement for the people to install the new air conditioner. We did most of that on Sunday but still had more to do.

We went to bed at 6:30am and officially woke up around 12:30pm. We had lunch at the Press Grill, went to the North Market and enjoyed some of Jeni's ice cream. My husband talked me into trying the Trio. The Trio is three small scoops. I had Savannah Buttermint, Belgian Chocolate and Salty Caramel. It was very satisfying and wasn't as large as I thought it would be. At $3 it's a bargain! We went to a gallery to see an art exhibit but they are closed on Mondays. Then I sweet talked my husband into letting me use my movie pick. We saw the latest episode of Star Wars. We dropped off some library books and came home. The maintenance main we like was here dropping off the air conditioners, the platforms, and the other supplies.

We rearranged some things in the basement and my husband helped the maintenance man put stuff in the basement. I believe we get a new digital thermostat (I'm sure we have the original one that came with the apartment) and that the furnace will be ripped out. Except for one day this winter we had heat all the time. Last year it was bad - I kept matches down there so I wouldn't have to look for them when I had to relight the pilot light.

For dinner we ordered from Donato's, watched the season finale of Angel (Season 4) and the last three epiosdes of Buffy. I reserved Season 5 of Angel from the library before I left work today. I am number 3 on the list.

It feels so good to be free of the junk in the basement. We still have some more to throw out (our dumpster was getting too full for us to continue) but I no longer have to go down there wondering how safe it is for me and my allergies. The basement has flooded several times getting the clothes and papers wet. I threw out a lot of clothes but most of it was stuff that we haven't worn in years so I can't be too heartbroken. Whenever we move from here we will have so much less stuff to move. It is such a relief!

All in all, it was a perfect day. I kept thinking of how lucky I am to have such a wonderful home life (sure, family obligations can be a drag) and to be married to such a sweet, sweet man. When I was younger I used to not recognize those wonderful moments until after they passed. Being with my husband has made me recognize them more and more as they happen.

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