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So today I went to see my "woman doctor" and my dentist. Both proclaimed me a wonderful patient! My doctor was happy to hear I've been taking my vitamins and my os-cal. She was laughing when I told her that finding the chewable kind of os-cal made all the difference in the world. The dentist was glad to see I'd been flossing. I've not had any problems with my teeth in about two years but I know one of these days one of my fillings (they're about 13 years old now) is going to give out.

One of the things at the back of my mind as I've been looking for a new job is that overweight women tend to earn less than their peers or overweight men. It isn't fair but it seems to be the way it is. I found a clothing web site I like tonight called Torrid. It has some cute things there.

Yesterday I was late coming back from lunch. No, it wasn't because of the nice weather, it was because I had only a few more pages left to read of Brick Lane by Monica Ali and I wanted to finish it. It was really good. I've been reading about conflict and how it moves stories along and this book had a lot of that in it.

EzBoard was hacked by someone yesterday. The person deleted posts, back-ups of posts, changed amounts in community chests, etc. The only good thing to come out of it is that they're increasing their security measures. They have about 8,000 boards they are trying to restore posts to and some will have data lost between the 9th to today.

Lurking on author's LJ's can tell you things you didn't know. For instance, Poppy Z. Brite has one. The World Horror Convention next year will be held in San Francisco. I also learned a fellow named Brom is responsible for drawing the Teir'Dal Male that so many people in EQ like to use for their signatures or avatars. A person can even buy it if they want... for $8,000.

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