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Strange Dreams

I think I woke up so early this morning because I had such .

In the first one, Best Buy was having a special offer where you got a discount card with each purchase. The catch is that the discount card was only good for the state listed on the card. So I'm in Ohio and I get a card that says Nebraska 50% off the total purchase (one time only) good for the next month. I have to trade my card with someone from Nebraska for an Ohio one or travel there. I dreamt I was in their parking lot in another state and I was trading cards with the people who had Ohio cards.

In the second one, I was with people I don't know. They looked a lot like some of the people from my middle school years. There were four of us total. Two guys and two girls. We were in a store and one of the guys was playing around with some strobe lights and was making me strike modeling poses for him. The other guy was going through some CDs and the girl was looking at board games. The guy with me switched from using a strobe light to some other light source and I could feel it switch around the particles in my body. This freaked me out so I went running away. Then the store caught on fire...

The store changes to a house and the two guys get out before I do. I purposefully lock the door handle's lock and shut the door behind me. The girl is somewhere behind me and the fire has gotten out of control. I know she dies.

Next I'm in a room that looks a little like a library. You know the large tables that can seat 16 people around them? Bob, the husband of one of my husband's friends, and several people I don't recognize are there and the people are divided between two tables. There is a large coffee table type book on one and I look at the cover. One of the people says, "I heard that she was handcuffed and stuffed into a box before the fire was set." Then the group starts to talk about what they would do if they caught the person that put her to death.

Now I'm in a lush green field with Willow (from Buffy) and we're looking for someone or something. Eventually the grass changes to cracked mud and we see a strange feathered creature in front of us. It is our size and looks like a bird but it's head is too big and the wings not big enough. Willow says she was looking for the dream bird but she thinks she found the nightmare one instead. The crack of lightning is heard and we're in agony. Willow is gone. I am in a house and the bird is there. I'm standing on the landing of some stairs. Loren from Angel is there and so is another man. They are sitting on the stairs. Loren keeps wiping his forehead with a white napkin and this bluish green stuff keeps getting on the napkin. Each time Loren shows me the napkin, the streaks of color go away and the napkin is left spotless. Eventually I realize that not only can I see the room next to me, I can see part of the wall of the next room. Faint outlines appear on the walls. They are people that I know who are appearing on the walls. (Funnily enough, all EverQuest characters.) Suddenly I understand that this bird creature is up to no good. It mutates living people to outlines on the walls. I run.

I'm on a busy street corner on campus where I see tons of people in scarlet and grey. They are handing out white envelopes with tickets to an upcoming football game. "The gangs are here! They will help you! Get your free tickets!" They try to shove envelopes into my hands and arms. Politely as I can, without getting confrontational, I refuse the tickets. A guy in a business suit thanks them; he says his clients will really like the tickets. The crosswalk light doesn't change. A man with an assault rifle starts waving it around yelling that we should be thankful the gangs are here as they will clean up our streets. He's very menacing. I'm thankful no one has noticed me. People are crossing against the light but I have to wait until the light changes.

Then I woke up and just laid in bed for a while.

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