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We went to the Ohio Theater last Sunday and saw Some Like It Hot. I'd never seen it before and found it quite funny. No wonder it's on some people's top 10 lists. Last night we saw A Star is Born with Judy Garland and James Mason. We have the "restored" version which either has scenes that were cut or the audio with some of the footage. I think the way it was handled was great. Sometimes the audio had stills since the actual footage could be found and it was done very artfully. For instance, there were fade outs and cuts instead of a long shot of a payphone.

During the week we saw an episode of 30 Days, the series hosted by Morgan Spulock. We saw the episode filmed in March in town regarding minimum wage. He and his now fiance, Alex, moved to Columbus and got minimum wage jobs in 30 days. During that time they celebrated Alex's 30th birthday, took care of Morgan's niece and nephew for Easter weekend, and each had one hospital trip. Seeing a couple not be able to live on minimum wage was no surprise. They got free furniture, they didn't splurge on meals, they used public transportation and it was the medical bills and utilities that killed them. One of them even got a job at $7 an hour but only brought home $4.35 after taxes. Unfortunately, it's the people who vote on the minimum wage bill that won't see this program.

The lunch today was changed from the steakhouse to a Chinese food place. I think the view is better than the food and that's mainly what you're paying for. Looking out the bathroom window, it looks like today is going to be a hot one!

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