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More Catching Up

Saturday - August 21st

It's been a long time since I walked. We went for a walk around the neighborhood and stopped off at the library. It was the final day of the Adult Summer Reading Club. I had some entries to drop off of books that I finished this week. Woo Hoo! I've been listening to books on tape on the drive home and when Howard Stern is either not funny in the mornings or is a rerun that I don't want to hear. One reason for not walking is that the last few times we went out it rained. I don't mean a sprinkle. I mean a summer downpour that leaves several inches in its wake, and soaks your clothes. It also served as a perfect excuse to get rid of my tennis shoes and get new ones. I've been sporting New Balance tennis shoes with the little pink cancer bow on them. :)

For lunch we went to one of my favorite places. I was going to be good, but I ended up with the usual. I love Max & Erma's tortilla soup and buffalo chicken sandwich. That is one of the best combinations that exists. Maybe next time I'll get a salad. I had my pedometer on for our walk and we walked slightly over two and a half miles.

We were going to go out and see Strayed but we walked down the street and saw Garden State instead. It was nearly sold out. There were some projector problems causing a delay but the owner tried to say that he was trying to fit people into the theater. Of course, this was true for a while, but people stopped coming in and we were still waiting for the movie to start. I shouldn't complain though. We get in for free. Except for AMC and the $1 theaters we get in for nothing. Not a bad deal overall.

I've been visualizing cleaning up the bedroom but can't quite do it.

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