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Finished Up More Books

Today I finished Sleepaway, edited by Eric Simonoff. A majority of the stories were good. I didn't care too much for the Trilling or the one titled Horse Camp.

During the drive home I finished City Primeval by Elmore Leonard. I like listening to Elmore Leonard books on tape. Listening to books on the drive home always makes it seem shorter.

This is the third day in a row that it's rained in the afternoon. It's poured buckets. I've not brought my umbrella on any of these days. My jeans were soaked through all afternoon.

Tomorrow I get my birthday lunch from work. Because I've not been there in so long I chose Hoggy's. We're having a dessert potluck as a way to celebrate the 4th of July. I'm just happy I have Monday off!

My stocks on HSX haven't been going well. I only check them a few times a year. I did manage to make $11k on Lords of Dogtown. There is an IPO for a new Owen Wilson movie which reminded me of something I heard at work. He's got a nickname as the "Butterscotch Stallion".

I had written more but my entry didn't post and this is where I had last saved my draft in LochJournal. It's time for bed - maybe I'll rewrite the rest tomorrow.

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