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More Reading

I finished Elizabeth Lyon's The Sell Your Novel Took Kit and Natasha and other stories by David Bezmozgis. I'll return to the Elizabeth Lyon when I have something to sell. The Bezmozgis was really good.

My husband let me know the new Big Brother will be on this week. I went to the CBS Web Site where the only thing up right now is information on the houseguests. I glanced at their information; it seems like most are single. The thing I hate about questionnaires similiar to these is that people put current things. For instance, let's say someone's favorite band is Maroon 5. Maroon 5?!?!?!? What about Madonna, ABBA, The Bee Gees, Elvis Costello, U2, The Beatles - musicians and groups who've been making music for a long time or can still sell albums even though they've broken up or had members pass away. The groups you've liked for years tell something about your personality - not these newer bands.

The dog has been very funny today. Either he's been sleeping or hoping for food to come his way. The one time he cuddled on the couch between us, he was making Corgi eyes at me, asking for belly rubs. He got them. I'm a sucker.

Today I've been lounging around in one of my husband's t-shirts. Makes me feel skinny and kinda sexy.

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