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Boring Weekend

I read Raven's Gate: Book 1 of the Gatekeepers by Anthony Horowitz yesterday. I got it because the review I read said that it had problems towards the end and I wanted to see what the reviewer meant. Unfortunately, I can't remember what the problems were and it's not worth it to me to pay $ for it to view the article online. (The local paper makes subscribers pay for viewing articles online that are older than one week.)

You may wonder how I was able to read so much yesterday. Well, I had one of those rare days where I just stay on the couch and hardly move anywhere else. We watched Live8 yesterday and reading at the same time just made the day seem not so wasted. I remember watching Live Aid and trying to keep my enthusiasm to myself. I wonder what my poor parents thought. We only had one tv so I monopolized it for the entire day to watch it.