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Sunday - August 22nd

OMG is one of my least used phrases. It definitely applies in this case, though.

The visualization worked. I mentioned it to my husband and we laid around the apartment for a bit not doing much of anything. He decided to create a customized CD for his boss since his birthday is on Monday. He said when he was done, he'd help me clean.

OMG!!! I wasn't expecting him to help, but without it, I don't think nearly as much would have gotten done. Half of the bedroom furniture was moved around. We got rid of our old bed frame (which I think my husband has used since he was 8) and replaced it with a new one. When his parents moved a few years ago the previous owners left it behind. It's been in our living room this entire time. Woo hoo! Something out of the living room!

Right around the time of our 10 year anniversary, we bought a new vacuum cleaner. The Electrolux his aunt bought for $500 off the back of a truck (she lived in New Jersey but worked in New York - she's a great lady) died and we didn't get around to replacing it over the winter. Then the Dirt Devil pretty much died. All you could smell was burning hair each time you used it. We were down to a Sears mini-vacuum my dad used to clean out his car when I was a kid. As you can imagine, not much vacuuming was done.

Enough was enough. There was a big sale and we started to look at prices and models. Due to my allergies, usually my husband does the dusting and sweeping so we needed to get something that he would be comfortable using. We bought a Eureka Boss. I love it. I still think it's heavy to drag up and down the stairs, but I still love it. After putting it together we swept up some of the living room and the stairs. Not only was there a big difference in the way the carpet looked, it felt fluffy too! I have no idea how old the carpet is, but that it could feel fluffy was a miracle in itself.

The cleaning wouldn't have gone nearly as quickly without the new vacuum cleaner. It can do the hardwood floors and the carpet with no problem. The attachments are easy to use and don't fall off.

I'm having a harder time visualizing cleaning the rest of the room and cleaning out the clothes closet, but I think it's because I am having a great time enjoying the cleanliness of the bedroom. I still have to clean out my magazines from my nightstand, but really, what harm are the 2 years worth of The New Yorker doing to anyone? :)

P.S. With walking to the movie and walking back on Saturday, we made the 3 mile walking goal!

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