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News Today

Just before leaving for work I read about what happened in London. I immediately thought of my husband's cousin's husband. (That's a mouthful, isn't it?) They live in Kensington but I was pretty certain he worked in London. After dropping my husband off at work, I headed to work and did a good job getting myself worked up. I was wondering if she'd come back to the US with the kids if something happened to him, if she'd stay there, etc.

Around 10:30am I had a call from my husband which I didn't get to return right away.

At 2:15am we became an aunt and uncle. Little ~CMS~ is 8 lbs, 2 oz and a healthy baby boy. He and his mother are going to be in the hospital until Saturday. She didn't take any drugs for the delivery, got a little torn and is quite sore from the experience.

Also, his cousin's husband is fine. He had actually arranged before today to be home with the wife and the girls. It could have been really bad; apparently he takes one of the underground trains that had an explosion. Of course no one said what time he usually takes the underground but I imagine lawyers usually arrive a little before the start of the work day. I'm not sure when the courts open. A member of our wedding party has been studying at Oxford and he's in Oxford, causing trouble with the faculty but he's okay too.

I was so relieved to hear that the people we know personally are fine. I just wish the same could be said about the hundreds of people that were injured and the dozens that were killed.

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