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A Surprise

My ex-neighbor joined the Dorothy Parker Society in New York (yes, not even the state she lives in) partially based on a book titled Bobbed Hair and Bathtub Gin: Writers Running Wild in the Twenties. On her recommendation I checked it out of the library. Surprisingly, it sucked me right in. I started it Saturday and finished it Sunday. It's a light history about Edna St. Vincent Millay, Dororthy Parker, Edna Ferber and Zelda Fitzgerald with information on their contemporaries thrown in.

Today at work I got a new (to me) laptop. In a week or so I'll be able to retire poor Bessie. She originally came with Window's 98 but has since been upgraded to Windows 2000 a few years ago. She has a 300 mhz processor which is slower than even our slow PC (which is really just a lump in the office). I haven't looked at the specs yet but it's a Windows XP machine and is pretty fast compared to Bessie. My boss got a new (to him) laptop and he noticed it had a gig of RAM in it.

The person I interviewed with at Time Warner in January gave me a call today. There is a job that he thought I'd be interested in. I spoke with him for a few minutes about it this evening and he's going to give my information to the fellow that's doing the hiring. Strange how some stuff comes around, isn't it?

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