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Last Days

Last week we gave the second piece of news to the rest of the department. My pain in the rear customer is going away. Their last day of support is July 30th.

Today I went to the tire company in the Northern part of the state. While there we also had a goodbye lunch with the customer that's leaving. They got a fruit basket (with candy too) for the help desk and a nice card. I got a jar candle and a lampshade to go with it. I hadn't ever seen that accessory; it's quite clever. It's colorful with daisys on it so I know my husband won't like it. I showed it to him. "You're right. I don't like it."

He and I saw the new Gus Van Sant film,Last Days. I went into it with the thought that it's not going to be a story about someone deciding to kill themselves. I went into it with the thought that the decision has already been made and these might be some of the things one would do after making this decision. Good movie!

I already got a call today from the second Time Warner person. Wow, that was fast!

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