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After playing phone tag on Wednesday, I got a call yesterday morning about that job at Time Warner. Within a few minutes I had an interview setup for 6pm.

The manager seems nice. The interview lasted about an hour. He made it sound less technically intimidating than I imagined it might be. It's in the Finance division. It went well and I could tell he liked me. This weekend I will have to write him and the other manager thank you notes. The manager is hoping to have interviews done this week (today). There is a push from the Corporate office which is why things moved so quickly this week but he knows I'd have to give at two weeks notice. I told him I wouldn't be available full time until August 8th.

If I don't get this particular job, that will be okay - there is something else around the corner and I have a few people keeping their eyes and ears open for something I might be interested in. I mean, who knew when I interviewed there in January that the manager would refer me to another one? It also helps that my husband's cousin works there and has made a good impression on them.

Except for my job, I love my life. Sure, I can think of things that would help my life improve, but doesn't everyone?

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