dogzilla30 (dogzilla30) wrote,

The Weekend so Far

Friday I finished A Girl Named Zippy: Growing up Small in Mooreland, Indiana by Haven Kimmel. I am sure it's been in my pile of books for at least a year. Unlike Augusten Burroughs' childhood, Zippy had a happy one. Sure, her family was a bit abnormal about a few things, and she observed things that didn't make sense until later, but the voice is a refreshing one. Her father reminded me of mine. She thought her dad could build anything. I used to think mine could too. I called my parent's home to find out my mother was out of town and my dad was alone. He's been moved to the third shift (11pm to 8am, I think) at work as a replacement for someone. What's he doing? Building things! Or fixing them. Someone had placed a box on a mat in order for the auto workers to get to a platform to do their work but the box was a bit wobbly. He had fun bolting it down one night; it doesn't wobble anymore.

Today we went to Hallmark, the two local libraries, the post office and then saw Charlie and the Chocolate Factory before going to the bookstore. I liked it but I probably won't see it again anytime soon. During the movie I figured out what made him look so weird. It's not the straight teeth or the clothing. It's the mustache shadow caked over with makeup so he would seem less like an adult.

I've gotten to the third chapter of the latest Harry Potter book.

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