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The Rest of the Weekend

We went to my in-laws for lunch. They were late coming back from church so it was a really fast lunch as we had to be at the movies at 2pm. While the chili was heating up we got to see more baby pictures of ~CMS~. We saw Top Hat. I wasn't really interested in seeing it in the first place; I ended up sleeping through most of the movie. Afterwards we went our separate ways. My husband finally told them about the one car acting up (we figured this out on the 6th) and they said we could use one of their cars for the next two weeks until ~CMS~ and his parents arrive from Ecuador as they'll have an extra car until then. We said we'd come back later as they had to pick up someone from the airport in the evening.

While at home I read more of the Harry Potter while my husband tried to take a nap. We had lots of phone calls and hang ups. Anyone who knows us knows that we screen our calls so I figured it must have been salespeople. My husband thinks it was NARAL because they're always calling for me. It's very nerve wracking when you're waiting to find out if you're going to be offered a job or not.

We watched 48 Hours after he decided an uninterrupted nap wasn't going to happen. We headed back to my in-laws house. We were there for over an hour as it seems anytime we come over for an unlimited period of time we end up calling Ecuador. At this point I'm starving and starting to get crabby just when we leave.

My husband dropped off the DVDs at the video store and got us Wendy's for dinner. I think it's kind of late when we eat at 9:30pm and here it is after 10pm when we're eating.

The dog was bad today. He kept licking his right paw and would start to lick it again within seconds of being told not to do it. He refused to take the allergy medicine I tried to shove down his throat. He ended up being a conehead most of the day.

I've convinced myself that if I don't hear from Time Warner tomorrow that it means I didn't get the job. I still have to write and send thank you cards for the opportunity. If I don't get it, then it means I can take a nice long vacation in August which I'm overdue for and my boss can breathe a (temporary) sigh of relief. :)

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