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I just didn't know what to do with myself today. I did get a later start than I wanted and got to work just after 8am. The new (to me) laptop I have for work is so fast. I mean, I can boot up in a few minutes instead of the 20 it used to take. I didn't have to reboot the laptop once to clear out the video or temporary cache. I had lunch at Burger King with my boss and we didn't take a full lunch so I left work at 4:30pm. I have decided I do not like their spicy tender crisp chicken sandwich. Too much bun!

I went to the post office, got gas and did a quick grocery store run all before coming home at 5:30pm. My husband is still at work; he had to stay for a musician to do a soundcheck. On the way home I passed the cemetary where my second brother is buried. The anniversary of his death was Friday and I didn't do anything nice for him. When I was younger I used to believe that he was one of the people watching out for me and I think it's something that I needed to believe then. Now I hope he's paying close attention to my parents and making sure they stay alright.

Since getting home, I've gotten caught up on my LJ Friends (though I still have some comments that I need to leave), read up on what's going on at Ink Slingers, read a few pages of the Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince and told my dog just how cute I think he is! Yes, he was so bad yesterday but that doesn't mean he's not a handsome fellow... it means he's just a devilishly handsome fellow. He's very smart too but I try not to let him know that.

On my shopping list for over a week now has been lightbulbs for the nightlight in the bathroom. I got some today and will be so thankful this evening when I don't walk up the stairs into complete blackness. It's good for sleeping, but not for walking into the bedroom and avoiding stepping on the dog.

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