dogzilla30 (dogzilla30) wrote,

It's Done!

I managed to finish the Harry Potter book about 2 hours ago. While I wasn't sad at the news of someone's death, I did get teary-eyed at the reactions of other characters. I'm wondering what mysteries the last book will reveal.

A few weeks ago I was wondering whether or not the smoke detector in our basement worked. I couldn't remember the last time the battery was changed. It works! I emptied a pot of pasta and set the pot back on the stove. I thought I had turned the burner off but I made it hotter. I haven't looked at the pot yet to see if it's totally ruined. It was part of our original wedding present set. It's held up pretty well for being hand washed the last eight years. :)

My husband is still at work. As usual, the dog is barking every now and then to let me know that he's not here and something isn't right. It's at these times that I wish I could put a muzzle on him or zap him with the mute button. It's especially distracting when I'm trying to update my LJ. I'm also chatting with my friend ~M~. I find it's difficult for me to chat and surf at the same time which is why I am not on IM too much.

I've been listening to iTunes tonight. We have a variety of things in our library.

The night the library went out I finally found Dawson's Creek: Season One at the library. Yeah, yeah. I know... my tastes are all over the place. I watched the second or third season then could never find it on tv again. I thought I'd see if it was as good as I remembered. I got to watch two episodes tonight. The DVDs are due back today. I tried to renew them from the library web site but it was done when I tried it. I hate it when their new computer system doesn't work.

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