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Every now and then you need to take a break and replenish the well so that you're a happy creative person. I usually do this by reading; it gives me ideas and allows me to hear the voices of other writers. I started carrying a writing journal with me at the end of April. I think May and July have had the most entries. I write down bits of conversations I overhear and story ideas. On the weekends I try to remember to keep it by the bed; I usually have strange dreams I want to remember then. During the week I either don't remember the dreams when I wake up or they are rather pedestrian.

I also need some alone time which my husband understands. It's not that I don't enjoy his company, I just need to let the thoughts float around in my head. I don't need darkened movie theaters. I need long walks or cocoon time. I know it would be healthier for me right now if I went walking but I feel like cocooning at the moment.

For the last few weeks I've had an inkling of something I needed and I suspected I knew where I could find it. My husband is watching Vertigo tonight at the Ohio Theater so I have the apartment to myself. The dog is being quiet so no muzzle is required for him. I rooted around and found The Thorns! Harmonized voices, melodic tunes, and Matthew Sweet! Such a good combination of things to hear. I get to warble as loud as I want to my heart's content. Listening to Matthew Sweet sing reminds me that I'm supposed to be a romantic. :)

My husband told me last night to have a nice outfit ready for Saturday. We must be going out to dinner for our anniversary. He's such a sweetie to me. I wasn't expecting we'd do anything because it seems like money's always tight when we least want it to be. I did get some grocery shopping done yesterday after work which gives me breakfast and a few lunches. Eating out for lunch everyday is just too expensive and adds up quickly. Sometimes though I just need to eat my lunch in outside far away from anyone I know.

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