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I'm being kidnapped! Or is it anniversarynapped?

After work last night I went to my husband's work where they showed Donkey Skin. I was resistant to seeing it because it's a Fairy Tale where the king's wife dies and she makes him promise that he'll marry the most beautiful woman when he's ready to remarry. It turns out it's his daughter. Now, that's something that could be really and truly sick. But I was convinced by the phrase, "Who is more beautiful than Catherine Deneuve? Why, it's Catherine Deneuve!" (She plays the mother and the daughter in the movie.) I really enjoyed it. Blue men, blue horses, red men, red horses, an old woman who spits out frogs, a princess in disguise, and a dress like the sun... who couldn't enjoy such things?

Beforehand we met up with one of my husband's co-workers and they were discussing the movie situation over the weekend and what they would or wouldn't be going to. My husband mouthed something to him and I thought, "Hmm... is he not supposed to say that we're going out to dinner?" I asked about it later and he said that he was worried that the co-worker would let the name of the place slip. I didn't think anything of it because that sounds reasonable... right?

So we watch the movie, get to the garage and I'm told that we need to eat fast before we have some errands to do. Errands at 9:30pm? Hmm. So I pick up a bag of dog food and go home. My husband has picked up Subway for us. I inhale it in about 10 minutes and upset my tummy. (I could never be a timed eater; I'm almost always the last one done at the table.) I think our "errands" consist of going to see The Bad News Bears. I'm asked to take the dog out while he gets things ready for our errands. I notice he puts the dog's water bowl with his water dish. Curious. Upon returning from our walk, we're met at the car and the dog is asked if he wants to go for a car ride. We head off in the direction of my parents' house.

Either we're taking the dog to see my dad or my husband has found a nearby hotel that allows dogs and we're staying the night. I don't see an overnight bag, though, but it could be in the trunk.

My mother is still in California visiting her friend and my dad is home alone. He's going to dig a hole for a pond on Saturday. He gives me a 1 pound bag of ground beef from the half cow they bought and a wedding anniversary card. We visit for about a half hour or so. I think we're going to spend the night but no... we're leaving the dog behind!

During the ride home I'm told that I need to have my outfit for Saturday night ready. And I'll need a comfortable one too with tennis shoes for earlier. We're leaving in the morning between 8:00am and 8:30am. No sleeping in on the weekend?!?!?! My mind goes over a few things and I have an idea or two on what we're going to do. Just before the Scott's Lawn exit we're pulled over by a Sheriff. We've been pulled over because my husband has drifted over the right berm line and he's been following us for about a mile. We talk about where my parents live, what kinds of people he pulls over on Friday nights, etc. and he lets us go.

What's funny is that I was almost falling asleep, not my husband! The rest of the trip home is uneventful. After telling me to have my outfit ready, he asks if I'll be up doing laundry because he needs a dress shirt. I think it's so cute that he's got a whole day planned out, yet he still has to depend on me to keep him clothed properly. Fortunately for me I had cleaned some of his dress shirts earlier in the week. Don't tell me how I knew... I just did!

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