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Random Updates

The old man neighbor at the end with the dog named Buffy has moved out.

The college guy neighbor at the other end looks like he's moving out.

My best friend is home in CO this weekend. The army might send her to Germany instead of Iraq. She's home on leave.

My friend from WI will be here this week. She thanked me for the postcard and left me a message to call her back. I called her back tonight but got her phone mail. 9pm might have been too late to call (little kids, you know) or she turned her cell phone off for the night.

I got to meet ~CMS~ in person on Thursday. He's a cute little boy. He doesn't cry much though sometimes he likes to make noises that don't mean anything. Well, not to adults, anyway.

During my vacation the plan is to go to Chicago for two days. See some museums, see a play and take a walk in the park.

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