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*Does the Vacation Dance Some More*

I think I managed to do just about anything and everything yesterday to avoid doing some concentrated writing. I even remembered things from Friday that I needed to write in my writing journal. On the plus side, I got photos posted and sent off where they needed to go.

Sitting down and writing isn't always this hard to do. My plan of attack was to sit down with characters and outline a story. Usually I write, meandering along, and I think that is why I never finish anything. I have no direction when I write unless it is some role-play story. To be honest, I haven't written one of those in a while.

I found a site that has daily writing prompts. Looking at the prompts from last week, I might just end up writing some of them. One was a poetry one and I just don't do poetry.

My first day off work has been uneventful. I saw the doctor this morning and he prescribed flonase and allegra for my sinus drainage problems. I spoke to our maintenance man - there are a pair of girls moving into the apartment at the end that was just vacated this weekend. The dog has been in heaven and very happy to have me at home.
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