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Monday and Today

Last night we met my high school friend and her family for dinner. (I could also say that she's his high school friend since we all went to high school together, but that just wouldn't be quite accurate.) We also went to Wild Oats and to Graeter's Ice Cream. My husband keeps forgetting that she has two children. He does pretty well with kids, even if he's not entirely sure he wants to have some of his own.

After leaving Chicago, we're going to stay the night at their place even though they will still be here. She laughed because my best friend also stayed at their house one year while they were gone. It's like we all keep going to their place but they aren't there. It's not intentional, honest.

The doctor's office called me today with some blood test results and wants me to come in for more. So far, all they can say is that my SED levels are up and that I'm slightly anemic. Gee, I donated blood a week ago but I should have regenerated it by now. So all I know is that I have some kind of infection in my body and that I'm slowly losing blood. I'd lean towards hypothyroidism because my mother has it, but I probably have Crohn's disease. It's all speculation at this point though.

I did all of my errands today which included going to the office supply store, the courthouse, a baby store, and the pharmacy. I showed up at the courthouse at a good time. All of the police were there! A suspicious package was found in a building around the corner at the same time one of the judges received a piece of mail with the return address of someone on the FBI's watch list. They had streets blocked, firetrucks, and a bomb disposal unit all there. Meanwhile, I found a metered parking space and took the elevator up to the marriage license floor. I needed a certified copy of our marriage license to renew my passport.

I've watched a few episodes of Dawson's Creek the first season between yesterday and today. I guess I didn't start watching it until the second or third season and I can see why I missed it the first time around.

Yesterday I went to the library as I had won another adult summer reading club prize. I saw a dwarf walk into the library ahead of me. First time I've seen one around. I thought it was pretty funny that he was driving a boat of a car. :)

Today went smoothly with the errands and such. I could get used to this kind of schedule to my days.

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