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I didn't get more blood taken today. The lab needs 24 hours notice so they can pull the medical charts. When the appointment person asked me what kind of tests I got frustrated and nearly said, "I don't know! I could have hypothyroidism, Crohn's disease or cancer! I don't know what freaking tests are done to figure out which it is." But I didn't. I'm going in sometime next Tuesday to let one of the vampires see me.

I'm nearly done with the laundry for the trip but haven't started the packing yet.

Taking the dog to my parents took longer than I thought it would. My mother got an iBook G4 and doesn't know how to do anything. She's got email setup with Earthlink and I showed her how to get her new mail and how to open up the internet. I'm supposed to write down the instructions for her. Um, yeah. I have a custom built Windows machine. I'll have all the graphics for the instructions and know what does what on a mac. *snort* If only I were that good.

On the way home I was afraid I was going to run out of gas. I got off on an exit and the road went on and on. The closest town, Kenton, was supposed to be 32 miles away. I ended up seeing a sign for Broadway 1 mile away and since it seemed populated I took my chances. I nearly passed a little general store with a Marathon gas station. There were three, maybe four pumps there. These were so old that I prepaid at the register and the woman told me that she couldn't make the pump stop automatically. I had to flip a metal handle on the gas pump to reset it to $0.00. I never remember having to do that on a gas pump though I do remember when gas was just $1.09 a gallon.

There was a doofus beside me on the freeway who refused to use his turn signals even when we were five blocks away from the freeway and in a semi-residential area. I went to BW-3 for dinner and they were closed. They started remodeling that particular location on Monday and won't be done until Saturday. They gave me a coupon for 5 free wings and I went to the one by my work to get my wing fix.

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